Sunday, June 12, 2016

Flea market Sunday

Flea market Sunday and it's a boiling hot one today! I had to get everyone rounded up and in the car by 7 am and even then it was still so warm. 

Some of these are from last week, but it akways surprises me how I go in spurts of buying in a particular color scheme without thinking About it. Seems like it's been a blue and white week lately! 

Pink depression glass. 
The cutest appliqué on an apron. 
Dresser set for repurposing?
Fabric. I need a pillow on my porch swing, maybe I can eek one out of the blue, it's pretty small.
A pot. Orchid already in it.
This is so nicely done, wouldn't it be a cute throw pillow?
Big linen napkins. We use cloth napkins but mine are getting very Holey. (Such is the danger of using vintage linens every day! )
These are big. Huge. Probably four or six inchers.
Nice sized toddler quilt.

It's very well done, but her thread color choice is so light you can barely see it. (Oh hello feet, oops.) each block is a different nursery rhyme. 

The little kids have vbs this week in the mornings and I am looking forward to ALL THE THRIFTING! 


  1. The dresser set would make marvelous jar/crock/bowl covers if you put some beading around the edges for weight

  2. I am in desperate need of a good junk fix. If you can load three kids in the car in hot temps and find good stuff, I have no excuses.


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