Sunday, July 24, 2016

Flea market Sunday

Actually all of this stuff was from garage sales with somewhat ridiculous prices. Desperate and all that.

Perfectly pink duvet cover, will be scavenged for fabric. 
Actual fabric.
Pillowcases. ($6 for four at a garage sale! What the what? But I'd already driven there, so....)
Childrens hankies.
Piece of a quilt top. It's torn all oddly so it will pillows or something soon. 
Quilt top. 


I am actually not Even in the mood to live right now, so...I only went out to get myself away from the kids. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Around town

For a week or so I tried like hell to take the kids places. It ended when Grant acted horribly at the art museum, with Sammi crying because she REALLY wanted to see the art. I REALLY wanted to see the folk art quilts. I think I might've lost the will to live right then. (And it hasn't returned.)

 Before the chaos

 There was also a zoo trip. And a trip to chuck e cheese. And a list of things we wanted to squeeze in before school. Now it's 1 million degrees and well, still no will to live.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Little gymnasts

Yesterday was the last day of the summer gymnastics program I had enrolled the little kids in.  They really enjoyed it and we've enrolled in a program for the school year too.

 I knew Sammi would like it, but what surprised me was watching Grant.  I nearly cried more than once watching him.  That baby who had so little muscle tone he could not even manage fetal position, the toddler who took 11 months to crawl and 16 months to walk, the preschooler who still has stiff ankles and awkward feet - you would never know it on the mats. Oh, he's still goofy, but he gives it his all. No fear, little hesitation, bouncing himself all over.  Balancing on two beams, turning circles on the beam.  Amazing really how much kids change in so short of a time span.
Sammi turned out to be the one with hesitations.  She's into her groove now though.
They made the 8 week program a mini Olympics theme.  We are all so excited for the Rio Olympics to start over here!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


We've missed having our own garden the last few years, but Dave and I both agreed it had to wait. The little kids were just using every last bit of our energy until the year. This year we put in two boxes - one with veggie, one with tomatoes, and made a big pumpkin patch. Plus we have six fruit trees.

Everything was going splendidly, we were harvesting, things were growing, the kids were learning and trying new things. Then this week the squash vine borers hit hard. Nearly all my plants are dead and I fear for the pumpkin patch too. 

This was a mutant yellow squash. 

This zucchini had been overlooked and got way too big! 

We had both plums and apples. Damn squirrels are them all. Every last one. They are currently decimating my peaches too. I tried an ultrasonic pest repeller - it slowed them a little, but not much. I need to figure out how to kill them I guess, but ugh. 

Some kitties visited when the garden first went in. :)

So, I like having food in the yard. But gardening is hard man, it's a never ending pest war really and I'm still not sure I have the energy to battle! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Flea market Sunday

Man, I am still having to hunt hard to find Anything to buy! I've been carrying around the same money in my wallet for weeks. Really it's okay though, because I might have gone on a Halloween fabric binge. 

I managed to scrounge up a few things:

Putz houses that  were cheap. The large ones are not my favorite style, but at that price I wouldn't leave them behind.  My putz tree might be overly full? Oops.
A bread box. I debated This forever because I have no place to put another one and then I remembered we've been using an enamel bucket for bread and it's always messy looking. So, an actual bread box it is!
I haven't bought post cards in forever! These are nice. 
Each of those strips is actually all the parts to make a hexagon flower. She machine pieced them into strips, which is strange, I've never seen anyone put hexagons together that way. Maybe that's why they are only to this stage. I need to think on them a bit. They are very small and would make a super sweet doll quilt but this strip thing is tricky.

And some antique flowers. Another I need to think on it purchase. The flowers are all mostly cut into pieces which is not great for their scale, so I am not sure what to do with them. But listen, desperate I tell you. $5 worth of desperate.  :)

We've taken the kids to church and now I am pondering an IKEA run for a Raskog cart.  Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Mom, am I more excited to go to kindergarten or wear my new backpack?!

(She's fresh from gymnastics there. The Littles have been doing it one day a week this summer and they love it! We will continue in the fall. ) 

I haven't been here lately bc blah. Summer is long. And hot. The junking is bad when I actually find the time to try. The kids are crazy. I spend all the days washing and cooking and bossing. My lord, the bossing.