Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chicago flea

Right before school started I was so desperate for a little junking that we took the kids to Chicago for a short trip. We had a very good trip, and I need to get up a few photos of that, but I want to be sure to get these in here. They are crappy pics, but when I searched for things I had bought at the All state flea in the past, nothing cAme up on the darn blog! 

It turns out the flea market was not great. I had a super hard time finding anything to buy. Oy.

New pillow ticking.
Easter egg, rough condition. 
Small jadeite pitcher. (This was a nice score.)

Vintage pipe cleaners in lovely colors.

Black ornaments. Only three have any decorations left on them, but black ones are pretty rare.

And a grab bag of wooden things. I bought them for the sevi birthday numbers, but there are a lot of interesting little German things in there too!

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  1. I hate going to the flea market and struggling to find things to buy. But the Jadeite pitcher would have made it all worth it to me!


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