Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First day of school

 And just like that, they're off!  7th grade for Jack this year (with 8th grade math).
 And kindy for Sammi. I took her to the mall and let her choose her own outfit for the first time. She had picked it all out - down to the shoes - but her little feet are so skinny the shoes did not work!

 She was getting a little nervous here.

She came home (at 5 15 for gods sake!) bursting with how much fun she had had.  She loves making friends on the bus, eating in the cafeteria, getting stickers, and on and on.  At bedtime I told her I had missed her during the day and she said, "sorry mama! Being at kindergarten was way more funner than you had with Grant!" LOL

I knew she was ready.  I am ready to move ahead a bit myself. The last bazillion years have been flat out exhausting.

Today Grant is off to preschool! 3 whole hours of peace and quiet.  Yahoooo!

(Isn't that little shirt so cute? It was an impulse buy from facebook and it's so soft!)


  1. Wow. How can it be that Jack is in 7th grade? I remember when he was just starting school. He'll be trundling off to college before we know it ;-( Your kids are just darling and I LOVE that cute shirt that Sammi is wearing - 2029!!!

  2. Enjoy that quiet finally....

  3. So sweet.
    I volunteer in a kindergarten class once a week.This week, as the kids were lining up for lunch, one little girl told me,"I'm a new student." Suddenly a bunch of other little voices piped up: "Me too!" "I'm a new student too!" "I'm a new student!" The teacher replied,"This is kindergarten.You're all new students." They cheered as they were walking out the door,"Yay! We're new students!" LOL, I'm sure Sammi feels the same way.


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