Sunday, August 28, 2016

Flea market finds

Oh man! I found two quilts this week that are patterns I've been hunting for a long time.

Hexagons that are NOT a grandmothers flower garden. I had to argue a bit about this lady selling this quilt. She was like well, I think I will just cut it up! I sort of said loudly no! Now,  how much? (On a side note, it's the flea market - if you brought it, you brought it to sell.) 
It's very sweet.

Yesterday we were went to the historic district to look for some Bethany Lowe Halloween stuff. I didn't find a single thing for that project, but I did find a cheap pickle dish quilt! 

It's older than what I usually collect, but boy I love it 

The kids loved seeing the historic homes that are now shops, and we went to the soda shop and had phosphate ice cream sodas. Fun.

Sam still loves kindy, Jack is having a very, very rough start to seventh grade, I'm getting some long neglected jobs done around the house with grant by my side, and my Ra is seriously stupid right now. That's about all the news that's fit to print over here. 

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