Sunday, August 07, 2016

Flea market Sunday

Oh man. My need for a goid flea is so bad right now. I long for the days when I could throw Jack in the car and drive to Chicago or Nashville with little hassle. Yesterday I found ONE promising garage sale. Arrived two mins after opening to see the yard full of people, hopped out and loaded up my arms. Her ad said priced to move fast and unlike two weeks ago when that means $30, she wasn't lying. 10 cents? Hot dog. 

I was surprised to see these ornaments in a shiny brite box. The other ornies I have like this are all marked Poland. These are unmarked. I wpuld think they aren't original to the boxes bc they have no necks, but two boxes worth? Maybe they are. The snowflake is a first.
A ton of my favorite glasses. More 10 cent prices. 
Part of a canister set. 
A lovely frame and a pastoral print. I suddenly have a pastoral Collection going in our room. (And the itch to redecorate, but I swear I still have no energy at all. Not sure if it's the RA or what at this point, but I'm a dead sloth.) 
I have a ton of these kitchen tins - cake tins, bread boxes, canisters, picnic tins - but I've never seen these! Single loaf bread boxes. Half the width of the ones you usually see. Adorable!

And a regular bread box.

Thank goodness for one lucky garage sale at least! 

Eight more days till school....


  1. Wow you found wonderful things!

  2. Wow! I would have loved to have been with you at this sale!

  3. There is just something nostalgic about going to garage sales where the prices are 10 cents for good, vintage stuff. Nowadays, everybody just wants to be a millionaire off of their sales.


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