Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The mini vacation that was totally not a vacation at all

 Instead of doing our regular Christmas in July thing this year I had said we should take the kids to the Lake of the Ozarks instead. It was an insane idea really. But we had been tossing around the idea of taking the kids to Disney in October and I thought we needed a few practice runs. Its a good thing we practiced, because we failed. The kids would NOT go to sleep, I was dying from exhaustion, we didn't have enough space to get away from each other and the kids attention span is like 10 minutes.

So. Not ready for Disney yet. We didn't stay as long as we had planned either - making it only until Sunday afternoon, but we were a bit off course because of super heavy rain and a roof problem at home. (This week we are getting a new roof!)

We did cram a TON into those two days though.  We saw bagnell dam (above).
 We went swimming AND fishing.

 Sammi caught the only fish - which she found terrifying. You can tell she is dying to run screaming away from the little thing here.

 We went to the castle ruins at ha ha Tonka state park. BEAUTIFUL! But you can see the big storm rolling in. We got caught in pouring down rain.

 We played mini golf. Or rather the kids ran around wildly with $50 worth of clubs and golf balls. Oy.

 We went to the Bridal cave - where I proceeded to have a complete and total claustrophobic panic attack. I thought I would die, so I am not showing you anymore pics of that place. I had nightmares that night about it.
And we saw a ton of wildlife! A HUGE ground hog, a pair of tiny fawns, skinks, chipmunks and more.

So, it was not at all a vacation really, but, we did a ton and are making progress. I am sure that before I am dead will be able to travel again? Ha, I can dream.

Only 14 days until school starts. The next few weeks are filled with all kinds of back to school crazy, but I am ALMOST to the finish line. I think I can...


  1. Good thing you practiced! Nothing worse than a horrible vacation to a fabulous place just to find out the kiddos really weren't old enough to deal with it. Good thinking and I HATE the picture of that cave too!

  2. Ahhhh....the light at the end of the tunnel :-) Summer is flying by way too fast!


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