Monday, August 22, 2016

Yet another flea market finds

Man. The house is a wreck still. I feel as busy as ever. I'm in the midst of a HUGE quiiting disaster (which you might have seen on Instagram.) I guess it's life as usual over here?

Appliqué quilts are easy for me to pass up, but there is something very sweet about this flower butterfly combo.

This quilt is not my usual era - more 40s-60s and with a poly batt, but holy smokes the pattern is just lovely, isn't it?

A large putz house. It could use a bit of restoration, but that's not really my style. I'll just put it on the putz tree.
I've been on a wild hunt for Halloween ornaments. Last year I got a six foot tree in both orange and black so we can have a huge Halloween tree, now it's time to start filling it. I was super excited to find two Halloween radko ornaments at the flea since I've been buying most of them on line.

And a pair of German wood cut outs destined for who knows what. But they were cheap and cheerful.

And with that it's time to start this Monday I guess. 

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