Saturday, September 03, 2016

61 miles of yard sales

61 mikes of yard sales was much needed yesterday. And I managed to buy some things. Nothing this year that made you run to the car, but, not a bad year.
Yardage. I will end up getting rid of the berries I think, but ticking is always useful.
A not old rice sack.
Tablecloth, likely destined to be sold
These are huge rolls of a good quality vintage satin. I love these for tying around sold quilts.
Not super old ornaments, but stripes!
No clue what these slightly worse for the wear ducks are for?
Also not super old, but empire ghost.
Really lovely ornaments. They are tiny and the stencils are glittered.
I think the small ornaments would be better with all the paint rubbed off at this point. Indents broken on the tree toppers, but meh.
A huge German figurine. Like 8 inches.
This is actually green. 
I have no clue why they painted Joseph to look like a dog here, but the kids will like the spinning at Christmas. I still want to find a fabulous one of these.
My Best Buy was an entire built-rite ho train building set. I love them, they've gone right into the living room cabinets.
The graphics are adorable?
16 buildings in all.

And they were my first buy of the day.

Plus stuff for the kids. 

Now we get the joy of home repairs the rest of the weekend, fun!


  1. LERVE the built rite set. Swoon!

  2. Love your finds especially the village.

  3. Those little pink birds look like an egg would fit in the hole. I mean, it's egg shaped.


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