Monday, September 19, 2016

Cargo duffle bag sewing

Jack has started playing soccer this season and after one game it was clear we needed a bag we could just grab on the run with stuff for the smaller kids. Snacks, drinks, crayons, a blanket to lie on.

After some internet surfing I landed on the free cargo duffle pattern at Robert Kaufman by noodlehead. (Sorry no link, still can't do that on the iPad.)

It was a super fun sew. 

I was massively intimidated by the zipper and pockets, but it turns out maybe my sewing skill level is a bit higher than I give myself credit for.
I think I'd like to make another just because! 


  1. It's very cute.It'd be handy to have a bag like that in the back of the car- I could put the first aid kit, a blanket,some snacks, some bottled water in there.

  2. Ack! That is too cute for words!


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