Sunday, September 18, 2016

Flea market Sunday

Man, my health has gone from bad to worse. Now I am covered in an itchy, blistering rash which has landed me on a course of steroids. The fun never stops coming!

This week's flea finds:

Oh, I've loved these for so long and finally one I could afford! Into the bathroom it went stat.
Haven't found a place for this one yet, still thinking.
This is an odd something... I think I will alter it a little and make a doll quilt for grant. He's been asking for a crib for his doll in his room.
With original box!

This pumpkin lights up.
And a quilt of course.


  1. Love your finds! Hope great health finds you asap!

  2. Awe I'm sorry your having a rough time of it, I hope you feel better soon. What is the holder called in the first picture? I love it and now want one.


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