Monday, September 26, 2016

Hapde burfday grant! 4

My dearest ginty,

Today you are four! 

We made it through my very last trip through the terrorist threes. Woohoo!

At this point you are:
Exactly the same size as Sammi
Going to preschool two half days
In love with cake. You had your first friend party this weekend (and I took zero pictures) and all you cared about was eating that cake!
Funny. You have a real sense of humor already that is more grown up than three
OBSESSED with lawn mowers. And weed eaters. We have to watch all the neighbors mow their grass and you spend hours every day pushing your toy mower.
Also pretty obsessed with trains
Starting to color very nicely, count past twenty, recognize letters
Able to remember the craziest things, identify signs and places after only seeing them once, etc
Wildly entertained by Elmo
Finally dressing yourself, as promised, as soon as you turned four, but not a single minute before 
A talker. By the end of the day I'm pretty sure I cannot answer one.more.question without dying
Stubborn as hell
Missing Sammi since she is now gone all day
Often found eating all day. Mom, I need three breakfasts.
A freaking mosquito magnet!
A very good helper - cooking, cleaning, fixing - you are happy to help eith everything 
My baby! I will confess there is a little bit of coddling the baby going on around here. 

I love you so much kiddo and I'm so happy we get to spend so much time together this school year.  Here's to year four, may it bring fewer tantrums, more growth and many happy days.



  1. Wow! Four already! Happy Birthday Grant! You sure a cutie!

  2. Oh, he is DARLING! Such a charmer. I love 4. such an improvement over 3. :D


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