Monday, September 12, 2016

Painting, decorating, fluffing

Once the kids went back to school I started on a list of things that really need some clearing out after that long summer. (Which, btw, is now embedded in my brain as some sort of worst season ever of survivor, lol.)

I realized this pillow never made it on the blog. Tutorial is at flamingo toes. 
Here's our school themed mantle. That black chalkboard on the left was just stuck there after I cleaned out my sewing area. 
We have a perpetual ceiling problem in this house. When we remodeled the entire house was sprayed with  kilz, including the ceilings. Within two years our ceilings started cracking and paint started coming down all over the house. WE have already repaired them twice, but it just keeps happening. We got a new roof at the beginning of August and I am REALLY hoping it helps stop that, but it's a waiting game. This bathroom has always been the worst bc of the kids and the shower. We tweaked the fan but I had been bugging Dave to address the ceiling bc it was really, really awful. He said there was no way to scrape it and paint it again - it was too far gone. His solution? Beadboard. At first I said no way, but I started getting desperate as birthday parties and holidays are looming and our bathroom was worse than a gas station! In the end I love it, and so far the super mega outdoor paint I used to paint the boards is holding up just fine to the kids. 
Once he had the ceiling done I had to repaint the room, so white it is. (Last summer I painted nearly everything in the house and most everything went white.) new shower curtain and rug from target, new chair height toilet for me (thanks RA), and a new light fixture too. I really want a different vanity in there too, but I'm over working on that room. (When we did the remodel seven years ago ! I wanted to repurpose a dresser for a vanity in there, but couldn't find one. The $100 vanity was always meant to be temporary. Seven years later, cough. Lol)
My sewing area has been changed a lot to suit my changing needs, but the stuff on this wall just stayed put - often getting hidden by piles of things. It was fine when there was just a settee on that wall (before I started sewing in there four plus years ago!) but now it was a crowded junky mess.
Took it down. Polled Instagram. Stewed for  few hours. Sold a serger on Craigslist. Tried a few things on the wall there. 

Then I remembered that a long time ago I had framed this quilt piece and it was in the garage with no home. It fit perfectly. I still had a huge space to the left and I was pretty stuck on the pegboard idea from a long time friend on ig. My rulers had been in a totally nonfunctional basket in the before. I really love how much more functional this is. I still have a few tiny things to do - cover those blue baskets on my shelf and find a better container for my 505 sprays. But this a total win. 

Tomorrow I should be back with a finished quilt. It's the quilt that tried to kill me. 


  1. OH I love your craft room wall! Having just moved into my house this summer, I haven't near gotten to decorating my craft room, but I hope to remember your post when I do.
    Do you think I could put beadboard on the ceilings in my living and dining rooms? I have the dreaded popcorn ceiling. I don't want to mess w/ it taking it down myself (I have a joint illness too) and I'm cheap, so am considering less expensive options than paying someone to come in and remove it.
    Will be going on a Highway long yard sale thing this weekend. (Hwy 36 Treasure Hunt in Kansas) Am hoping to have your luck in finding a few treasures. Thanks!

  2. That new quilt piece takes center stage and a great updated look. High five!


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