Monday, October 03, 2016

Flea market finds

There was a big garage sale at our family arena this weekend, so we went before soccer. I had to pay $10 to park, which is criminal really. And if it weren't for one lucky bin I would've left empty handed.

What was in the bin?

A needlePoint. Maybe a pillow or a bag in my future? 
Feedsack remnants. I had the repro of that yellow fabric for years, I was so excited to find the original.
Three tablecloths. They need sun but we may never see the sun again. 

A gorgeous pillow case.
Also grabbed this Japan tree with teeny pine cones.

And this blue beauty.

I put out all the Halloween this weekend, what a job that was! Sam home from school with pink eye. Just another day in paradise....

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  1. Love your amazing finds! Get well quickly Sammi!


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