Tuesday, November 15, 2016

All the pillows, take two

Before I say anything about pillows - do you all know about carry the future? It's a charity that helps Syrian refugees . They started by collecting baby Carriers (think about how important a baby carrier would be if you were fleeing with your children!). Right now they are having a blanket and handmade item drive. You can make toys or baby blankets (knit or crochet too!), which is right up my alley, so I wanted to pass it along. The drive goes until December 31 and you can find more info on Facebook and Instagram. You can also buy and ship blankets directly from their Amazon wish list until November 20 if you are short on tme for making. I wish I could link you on this app, but you can easily google them. I'm going to have Jack make a baby quilt from a layer cake as part of his service hours. (They may still be accepting baby carriers too, I know a lot of us have them in the closet as our babies are growing.)

So, two weeks ago I was still making all the pillows.
This was a piece of a vintage quilt top I bought a few months ago, it was already a weird cut up piece, so no cutting guilt, I'm obsessed with how wonderful the tiny pieces of fabric are.
The center of this is a falling feedsack I thrifted. 
And this one a target dish towel. Dish towels might be my new favorite for pillows!

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