Monday, November 21, 2016

Flea market Sundays, kids and things

So, it was a fairly small haul at the flea this week. The weather has turned insanely cold too (finally!).

This was the total haul.
I did thrift a few things on Friday - fabric, feedsack, tablecloth...
And a very sweet, but pretty worn, quilt.

Grant is going to preschool on Mondays starting today. Neither he nor I were coping with Monday's very well. After having everyone here with him on the weekends he would spend most of Monday just crying and having one fit after another as I tried to plow through. So, he can go to preschool and not be dying from loneliness. I had really hoped he would enjoy having lots of alone time with me this year, but in reality he just sits there wondering what on earth to do with himself and demanding I do every.single.thing on earth for him. Not a win. 
I was cleaning up some photos and I think I never blogged these. Grant drew his "fambily" in chalk one day. (He's on the other end, this is the rest of us.) 

And of course he and Sam made rainbows.

Busy busy week ahead! 

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