Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving, fleas and things

Well hello there. It seems like there are loads of things keeping me busy these days. Grant picked up a third day of preschool, we finally had thanksgiving with my family yesterday, I have been chipping away at a quilt, we've been going to church a lot more and I've been spending more time with the homeless people on our corner. I guess it turns out that the world cracking in half on November 8 was good. Because it totally motivated me to give and give and give some more. Buy more gift cards for the church orphanage program, invite my uncle who hasn't spoken to us in seven years to the holiday (he didn't come), start thrifting sleeping bags and buying tarps to hand out on very cold nights. To find an extra pound (or twelve) of faith and determination I didn't know I had. I stayed away from the tv news, the radio, social media and it worked. It turns out that when my own bucket feels desperately empty giving it all away fills it up. Like magic. 

I snagged this from insta because Jack is on the computer, my turkeys. The littles were THRILLED to light the candles at church last week and are looking forward to participating in the Christmas program.

This morning I took down the fall mantle and slowly (so slow) started fishing out dome Christmas stuff. 

I also hiked my butt around the flea in 40 degrees and was rewarded:

Prolly a tree topper? Nothing to hold it up there though. 
Old florist ribbons.
The most awesome basket ever, soon to be a hamper I think? I need to sew a liner.
And fisher price toys. Grant was SURE that train was for him. :)

Happy Sunday to you!

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