Friday, December 09, 2016

A quilt finish - civil war bear paw

I've had a little bee in my bonnet to work with indigos for awhile now. Don't ask me why - it's completely out of my usual comfort zone.  My quilty wish list for this year also included a two color quilt. So, let's kill two birds with one stone!

 The bear paw seemed an obvious pattern choice.  I have to say I am completely smitten with how this turned out. My points are pretty damn good and the colors are striking.

I bought almost all the fabric at the Missouri Star Quilt co when we passed through there back in October. They have a whole shop of just reproduction fabrics.  It was a slow start though - I could not seem to find enough blues that I liked (perhaps because this is out of my wheelhouse, eh?).
 It is HUGE. I didn't measure after washing, but it was 90x108. I wanted it bed sized.
 When it was out in the daylight I could tell I have had that yellowing problem again. I have no clue why? I never figured it out the last time either, but I was not washing this thing again. I need to go back and check my notes on the batting on the last quilt this happened to.
 There is a little bit of cheddar in two of the blue fabrics.

 And a not true to the period polka dot on the binding. I had to. First I was totally out of the other fabrics and second, I always use a dot for the binding. It's my fav.

Bear paw pattern in 14 inch blocks
Civil war repro fabrics for blues, a downton abbey repro for the center white
Muslin for the back (it felt true to the period fabrics)
Cotton batting
Start - Nov 2016, Finished - Dec 2016

Now, what shall I make next?!?!

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