Sunday, December 04, 2016

Christmas Card Photo time

Ahh, the time of year when we drive mama totally insane trying to take a Christmas card photo. As usual there is plenty of arguing, fighting, yelling, demanding, threatening and general mucking about.

I am not even sure which one I put on the cards this year?!?! LOL

Three kids is a handful, that much is certain. 

Sammi said to me in the orthodontist the other day - Mom, what happens to your teeth when they fall out? The tooth fairy comes. That's not possible, fairies aren't real! Well, I don't know then Sam, I just know the tooth fairy comes. What does she do with them then? If you ask teen titans Samantha they say she eats them, so I have no clue. LOLOL (My kids love teen titans, I think its so gross or something. Tooth eating!! Blech.)

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