Friday, December 30, 2016


Christmas has come and gone in a flurry, but I'm working on a project that means we will still be in the thick of it for another week around here. (Even though I am dying to get on with it already.)

Like everyone else I feel like the weeks fly by me. 

There were some good Christmas bits - this sweet doll.
Some annoying bits. (This idiotic toy.)

There are pics of the boys, but only on the camera.

Some wonderful gifts for me, this lovely pile was just one of them.

Despite my swearing that it would be Christmas light at our house this year, something came up and I had to go full out.

Here are few more touches this year, all new ideas for us:

Back to the vintage tree with me this year.

So, that was Christmas.

I'm trying out gluten free over here. Actually I have been for a few weeks. I have been having a ridiculous amount of rashes and it's a last ditch effort to calm that crap down.

I'm trying to squeeze in one more quilt this year.

I'm trying to keep the kids from wrecking all this fragile stuff.

I'm planning my next quilt.

I'm looking forward to a trip to the fabric outlet in January.

I'm thinking about blogging. This was my lowest blogging year since I started more than 11 years ago.

I'm still working on some deep, fundamental personal changes over here too.

I will hopefully pop in tomorrow with the annual family new years photo, the year in thread report, the year in quilting report and my one little word of the year.

Until then!

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  1. Your little girl is just so beautiful! Such a happy little face, makes me smile!!


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