Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Last flea market finds of 2016

Well, now Jack is down with the puke (which has been dragging on for thirteen days in case you are counting.) it's really better to just have to juggle them all sick at once if I'm being honest. This is dragging on forever and I'm sure it's my turn soon. Oy.

I've managed to scrounge up a few Christmas things as it barrels town on us. No more time for junking till the new year at this point!

Dave and I snuck off for a few minutes to a vintage Christmas market AND a cristkindle market. It's somewhat embarrassing but the vintage market mostly just felt like my basement had exploded. I did pick up this German gnome planter. 
And a small sparkly tree ( the pics are awful, company was coming and I needed to put them away quickly!). 
In other places I found a set of shiny mica ornaments, maybe homemade?
A few more putz houses for the putz tree.
More foil bells. I thought I had a lot more of these than I found in my bins this year. 
And a ton of tiny bubble lights! These are so fun, too bad they will have to wait till next year. 

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