Thursday, December 15, 2016

Santa baby

The kids are slowly (7 days apart) falling victim to a stomach virus so tonight we will be missing the preschool sing along. I'm sad about that - the preschool years are so short and it always makes me feel very in the spirit. 

We took the kids to see Santa just before thanksgiving. He teased the little kids about asking for the opposite of what they want, and they are still amused by that. (Sam is such a tiny thing she is wearing the same dress as last year.)
Sam started to write out her list then quickly decide cut and paste was much more efficient (and Santa thanked her for the pictures). Basically she'd like a lot of art stuff and one very very very hard to find toy.

Grants list was trains with a side of trains please.

Jack asked for an anki overdrive and computer stuff (a chair, headphones). 
And some random grant artwork . I think it's him and dad? He's sleeping off the pukefest of last night it I'd ask. 

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