Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The nativity

One day I was staring at the Christmas tree and had the brilliant idea to put the nativity under the tree. We always have our tree screwed to the big shipping crate (it keeps the tree secure and raises a rather short five foot vintage tree to much grander heights). I put the figures in there but it took me awhile to get the inside painted a dark blue and get the lights in there. I used copper wire lights (Amazon) because I wanted them to be like stars. 

Sammi woke up yesterday and noticed it for the first time. "Mama! It looks so real."

"But these three kings need to be looking at the baby."

"And the animals too. Can I move them?" 

Sure kid why not.
After all, that baby is the star of the show!

(Sam is infinitely more religious than the boys. It's interesting to me how some people seem to be born faithful and others born skeptics.) 

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  1. I love it Sarah! I hope the puke fest has stopped and you all have a healthy Merry Christmas!


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