Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Grant and 4

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that grant's brain is really starting to kick into overdrive.  Up until now he has been pretty typically "the baby" - not really interested in doing ANYTHING for himself despite my continued insistence on independence.

But then he started writing letters. And the tantrums started to slow down. And now some real growth!  He is studying the book for the lego train, then counting pieces, hunting for them and building on his own! A whole track, a crane, the train.
He also spends a fair amount of time studying my toy sewing machines. This morning he picked up a paintbrush and started to dust them.

The weather the last two days has been warm, so we've been outside.  We were out for two glorious hours yesterday.  After floundering a bit with what to do with himself he went in the garage (which he opened himself!) got out his yard tools and started making a pile of leaves to jump in.

They aren't just flashes of independence though - they are flashes of a little Jack. I am endlessly fascinated by the differences between the kids, but also the moments of similarity.

Other than that I have been hunkered down at home a bit. Making all the quilts (Selling all the quilts), cleaning all the things. The world feels very tenuous right now. Even in the house the quiet somehow feels different.  I don't even know what to do with myself really.  Usually the fluffing and cleaning and making makes me feel centered, but not at the moment.

**In case you do not already know about this resource you can use 5calls.org to find the phone numbers for your representatives in Washington to call about the current state of the world.  I have been unable to get through this morning, but I have been trying to make at least 2 calls a day. They do provide scripts and background on the issues if you need that.

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