Monday, January 09, 2017

Play time

Sammi's birthday is so close to Christmas that we usually wait to have her party until Feb.  So to celebrate her when it's close to her actual birthday we take the kids to Chuck E Cheese.  We went yesterday for an hour or so.

 I tried taking Sam off on her own and leaving Grant with Dave, but she completely did not know what to do with herself with Grant.

 So, we paired back up.

 We have these new bumper cars and my kids are crazy about them.

Grant is a complete blur in this place, but he was SO excited to win a bunch of tickets at one game.
Sort of on a whim Dave and I grabbed some blocks for the kids at Christmas. I've been looking for good, affordable blocks since Jack was small! These are Melissa and Doug. (They were $39 at Marshalls.) We used gift cards from Nani and Papa to buy a second set. They are BY FAR the most popular Christmas present. The kids play with them every day.

I loved their creative use of the felt with the blocks here.

Tomorrow Sammi turns 6! Back then with her birthday post.

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