Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flea Market Sundays

Every year in Feb there is a "worlds largest garage sale" event near us. It's not actually large at all, but it always treats me right.  This year was no exception.  I was buying things at a 3 for $x stall and needed a third thing so I randomly grabbed this stork bank. When I got it home I realized gah! It's so cute. It's huge too.

Pots? yes please.
My cake topper collection is growing a little lately. It's a sloooow collection.
My picture does not do this sewing basket justice. It's so nice. It's missing a handle though.
Old contact paper.
I bought a bag stuffed with hankies, but this! Oh this is the best treasure in that Ziploc. It's a scarf.  I want to frame it?
The hankies.
I debated these bunnies because I'd like them to be more colorful. But beistle and cheap, so in the bag.
There are four honeycomb eggs in there. More beistle.
A huge pile of sewing stuff. Needles and pins from England, handmade trims, zippers.
An advertising gem.

Just the trims.
A little widget...
for your scarf.
A vibrant tablecloth.
A duvet cover that will yield LOADS of vintage fabric.

And a stinky pile of vintage fabric (a few feedsack pieces).

Not too shabby!

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  1. Not too shabby at all. I would be quite happy with a morning like that.


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