Saturday, February 11, 2017

Super scrappy log cabin

Since I knew I was going to the fabric outlet at the end of January I set out to make a few quilts only from the stash in order to make room for new fabric.  There are a lot of DS quilts prints here. I just kept pulling and pulling until it felt right and then went to town.

After I made the first block I realized I had cut my fabric according to a pattern that did NOT have a center block. It was not the look I was going for, but scrappy is as scrappy does - I went with it.
There were moments when I thought this might be the ugliest thing I had ever made.

It turns out that I LOVE IT! It's so super fun. It turned out way better than I expected.
This print was PERFECT for the binding, but I only had 18 inches of it and this is a huge quilt. I had to cut it 1/2 inch skinnier than I usually would, but again, scrappy is as scrappy does.  The dark color helps ground the brightness a little.

The back is pieced - which I hate doing because it means lining it up (and this is NOT lined up well) - but it used up a bunch of fabric.

Fabric from stash, lots of DS quilts prints
Cotton batting
Cotton couture backing
Finished in Jan 2017
Traditional pattern

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  1. I just love your quilts. Can't believe how talented some people are and others, like me, not so much! LOL This quilt is beautiful.


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