Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The strangest winter

We are having a strange winter. Warm and grey and dry. Not even a single snowflake has flown from the sky. Sunday morning it was chilly in the morning, but the flea was calling me loud and clear. I'd not been since November (!). It's mostly guns, ammo and camo this time of year, but what the hell, I needed a good walk. 

To my surprise I picked up a quilt (my first since dec 14) and a sweet picture frame. 

This morning it's a bizarre 70 degrees. As soon as we get Sam on the bus I think grant and I will go for a walk. (Sam has been having some health issues. Her eardrum ruptured last week not even twelve hours after the school nurse told her it was fine AND didn't phone me to say she'd been in the clinic. This is an ongoing issue.)

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