Saturday, March 11, 2017

A school project first

The kids are on spring break, but its on opposing weeks so I have two weeks of them being here. I am trying like mad to make my way through a sewing list I scribbled on a receipt in the car one day. Ha.

First up is the Safe with me paper pieced safety pin from Night crafter. This is a free pattern!  I made this for our pastor at church. (She is the one who introduced me to this movement.)
Sammi is having ALL the struggles with kindy. It really has just been a hot mess of not going well. I've been in contact with the teachers, the principals, a private's still not sorted out.  To try and keep her engaged in the classroom she was allowed to do a special research project. (Her reading level is really quite high - end of grade 1 or beginning of grade 2 by now?) Her handwriting not so much. She chose owls.
For a kid who could barely read and couldn't write her name a few months ago this is pretty amazing!

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