Sunday, March 05, 2017

Flea Market Sunday

Time for the annual fundraising flea market!  This thing is so huge now.  It easily takes me two hours to walk it and by the end I am dead.

I felt totally overwhelmed by the size this year.  It's been a long time since flea market season at this point, so I am totally out of practice! I just stand there the first two aisles thinking I have no idea which way to even look, what am I looking for again?, oh my hell it's too peoply here! And then I get my groove on.

I bought a lot this year.

Large size fire king delphite tear drop bowl (score!).
Vintage fisher price hospital (score!). I have been looking for this bugger for my collection since Jack was a baby.

Vintage cutter quilt, super super pale yellow. Snails tail maybe? Will be for sale at some point.
HUGE antique pillow covers. With HUGE initials.
Pile o' tin dishes. I have quite of few these scattered all over the place now. I have an idea for them when the easter stuff comes down.
Dave spotted this toy sewing machine, a welcome addition to the collection!
Not a bad haul. :-)

Happy Sunday to you.

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  1. Great Finds, I'm waiting for the flea market to open here!


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