Thursday, March 02, 2017

Wild things mouse dress for Read Across America

 It's read across America day and the kids at school are dressing up.  Usually my kids opt out of this stuff, but Sammi immediately said she needed to be a mouse. Her favorite book is A Nest for Celeste (which I just grabbed on a whim at a book fair one day.)

It was the perfect chance to finally make her a wild things dress! This has been on my pinterest board (I never go there anymore, do you?) since she was a baby.  This pattern was free in issue 25 of Mollie Makes magazine.

The face was the easy part. I have experience with that.
But putting together a lined dress?  Thank God for youtube. I couldn't have finished this thing without a great youtube video.
The day before I started making it I thrifted a big pile of vintage fabric.  The two on the left are lawn, or voile, and there are yards and yards.  The very left one is the one I lined the dress with and did the details with. Serendipity!

 She also requested a special hair do. Her hair is so, so fine that its hard to work with. It FINALLY occurred to me that I could use bobby pins to help. D'oh!
She's been waiting patiently all week to wear her new dress, here's hoping it holds up to the rigors of kindy!


  1. She looks adorable! Nice job on the dress and excellent work on the hair! Love it.


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