Friday, April 28, 2017

On the junking road

It was time for the worlds largest garage sale. I had to dig high and low and go out of my usual to find things to buy this year.
Currently hanging in my sewing room bc there seems to be no suitable place in the kitchen. (We have no wall space in the kitchen really.) 

A pair of these raspberry milk glass pots.

Desperation buttons.

Sacks for a quilt I am collecting for.

My favorite! A pile of mountain mist quilt patterns. I'd like to start a collection now.
Pile of unfinished linens.

Plus a really awesome 1940s costume I am washing.
Not a bad morning after all!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vintage quilt makeover

I grabbed this plain pink and blue quilt at the thrift the other day. I tried putting it back three times bc it was boring, bug it wanted to come home with me. After I washed it I realized there was another quilt inside of it. I did a little investigating, determined it was nothing special and carried on with my plan to jazz it up. 

I dug in the box of orphan quilt blocks and just grabbed the first ones that struck my fancy. Sammi and I played with the layout for awhile on easter, then I raw edge appliqued them on.

Very quick and easy and I have to say i Love the result! 

I will be trying this again. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Man, I need a lot more grace than I have right now to be perfectly honest. Usually I enjoy this holiday, but this year it's just felt like one giant to do list that I can never seem to get finished! I didn't make rabbits this year. I bought them and made the little kids book bags. I need to get better photos of them.  We didn't get around to dying this eggs until noon on Easter day. I guess better now than never, eh?

Anyway, it's all but done now. Baskets, eggs, candy, visits to the bunny, church, egg hunt (in the pouring rain), ear photos.
 For grant.
 For sam.
 For Jack.
 His favorite candy.
 Her favorite - books.
 Bad lighting. But they would NOT cooperate.

 Then the crying started...

 This egg is her first rainbow, it's just a horrible pic.

Dave's rainbow eggs.

I need a nap now. :-)

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Garage sale season is off to a slow start.  I went to one million yard sales and the flea market and this is what I bought:

The SWEETEST doll quilt ever. Can you even? It had me as soon as I realized the little rhyme that was on it.
And one GIANT foil egg. I have never seen the foil eggs in this size. I found this at the neighbors house actually. Ha.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

National Junior Honor Society

Last week Jack was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. He's not super psyched about it (yet!) but we are. Congratulations Jack, we are very proud of you.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Little Bit

Yesterday we had to euthanize one of our cats, Little Bit.  Little bit was my grandpa's cat, we took her when he died and she quickly became one of our own.  Jack was her person, they really loved each other. She would sit next to him while he played video games and pat him every time he stopped petting her. She was an old girl, she'd turned 17 on March 17, and we knew it was coming since early January when the vet said she only had about a week to live.  Three months later it was time. She was no longer enjoying her time with us. 

Hard stuff. She was the last little living bit of my grandpa.

She had one blue eye and one green eye and despite my trying I never could get a picture of it.

Grant would sit at the top of the steps and pat the top step and she would come up from the playroom to sit with him too.

We have three other very geriatric cats (also 17 and two are 18) and I expect there is a long year ahead of us.

Goodbye little bit. We loved you so. You were the tiniest thing and wild as wild can be when we first managed to catch you to bring you home from grandpas. We hope there is a lot of ham waiting for you in heaven with grandpa. xoxofam

Friday, April 07, 2017

Hello easter bunny

After 11 years with an orangey tan bunny, I was totally shocked to see a brown bunny yesterday! 

Jack wanted to opt out this year. Thankfully when I Said please get in the picture he did. I mean I know he's over this, but it's weird to only have part of the kids in the photo.

Grant was VERY excited this year. He told me twenty times he LOVES the easter bunny! He was also very sure he needed to be in the center of the photo. Lol

*alibaba you have no email on your blogger account, if you email me (makinprojiks at gmail) I will link you to the magic shoe tying!

Monday, April 03, 2017

Firsts and lasts

I taught Sam how to tie her shoes (finally!) this weekend using a clever YouTube trick I saw on facebook.

And jack lost his last baby tooth last week! Six more months until he is officially a teen. (What!?!!)

We took the kids to the zoo Saturday bc Sam had been dying to go. She loves, loves science abd animals right now. Grant love, loves riding the train. One million times. Lol