Sunday, April 16, 2017


Man, I need a lot more grace than I have right now to be perfectly honest. Usually I enjoy this holiday, but this year it's just felt like one giant to do list that I can never seem to get finished! I didn't make rabbits this year. I bought them and made the little kids book bags. I need to get better photos of them.  We didn't get around to dying this eggs until noon on Easter day. I guess better now than never, eh?

Anyway, it's all but done now. Baskets, eggs, candy, visits to the bunny, church, egg hunt (in the pouring rain), ear photos.
 For grant.
 For sam.
 For Jack.
 His favorite candy.
 Her favorite - books.
 Bad lighting. But they would NOT cooperate.

 Then the crying started...

 This egg is her first rainbow, it's just a horrible pic.

Dave's rainbow eggs.

I need a nap now. :-)

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  1. Happy Easter! Love the "ear photos" cute!


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