Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Little Bit

Yesterday we had to euthanize one of our cats, Little Bit.  Little bit was my grandpa's cat, we took her when he died and she quickly became one of our own.  Jack was her person, they really loved each other. She would sit next to him while he played video games and pat him every time he stopped petting her. She was an old girl, she'd turned 17 on March 17, and we knew it was coming since early January when the vet said she only had about a week to live.  Three months later it was time. She was no longer enjoying her time with us. 

Hard stuff. She was the last little living bit of my grandpa.

She had one blue eye and one green eye and despite my trying I never could get a picture of it.

Grant would sit at the top of the steps and pat the top step and she would come up from the playroom to sit with him too.

We have three other very geriatric cats (also 17 and two are 18) and I expect there is a long year ahead of us.

Goodbye little bit. We loved you so. You were the tiniest thing and wild as wild can be when we first managed to catch you to bring you home from grandpas. We hope there is a lot of ham waiting for you in heaven with grandpa. xoxofam


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