Wednesday, May 31, 2017

100 miles of yard sales

Last Friday was 100 mile yard sale time!  It rained and was cold in the morning, then this HUGE HUGE wind came and it was blazing hot. Always fun!

I had a hard time finding things to buy this year. Likely because my favorite past time is what I call "drive all the things to goodwill." I seem to regularly (at least once a week) fill up the van and take it to goodwill. Kids are just a lot of chaos man. Messes, food, whining, fighting, stuff, toys, cat hair. It's how I kid myself into thinking there isn't chaos I think - drive everything annoying me to goodwill.

Anyway, I did buy a few things.

I hate my bedside lamp, I am hoping this one will hold a bigger shade.
These are hard to come by...
A piece of McCoy that I paid McCoy prices for. (It was raining, I was desperate.)

My best find! A huge Victorian mercury glass vase for a quarter.  I paid a lot for my collection of these in Iowa (and I had to bargain hard for that price.)  I've never found one in the wild before.
My favorite kind of feedsack.
An overpriced feedsack.
An overpriced glassware set. The color told me to buy it anyway.
A dirt cheap friendship quilt. (Someone was asking about the last one ? Friendship quilts is what they are called.)
Faded, but I cannot resist the charm of these.

I skipped the gypsy caravan this year. Really, it's the goodwill problem. LOLOL

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