Monday, June 19, 2017

Flea Market Mondays

I have been REALLY trying to make a good junk score the past few weeks. Tons of sales, scouring ads, and man, I just cannot manage it. It's a bit frustrating. It's high junk season and I am about to yell I AM OUT! Because the competition is too much when you have three kids. I have considered looking for something else to collect, but meh, I'd just drive it all to goodwill. LOL


I did buy a few things FINALLY.

A HUGE pail that has the skinniest opening ever. No kid arm could reach the bottom of this thing through that little hole. And a teeny pail.
This was a good score!

I wanted this so bad I stood there forever thinking about how much I was willing to pay. I have hard core fallen in love with old blue and white.

Goodness, all the heart eyes for it.

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