Friday, June 09, 2017

Kansas treasures, or the tale of the chifferobe

We always go ride Thomas on the same day as the city wide yard sale in the same town as the train. Some of my favorite treasures have come out of that little town!

This time we were wandering around, finding nothing, when I saw this sitting on the side of the road. It had been marked $25, which was crossed out for $15. It was 1 pm in the afternoon, why was it still there? Never mind, hand over $15, rearrange everything in van and discover no way it's going in there with the kids in the van. So, we got our money back and left. And I wanted to cry. It would've been so lovely in my house!

Dave found a teeny, $$$$ hardware store and bought ratcheting straps and went back for it. When they saw us come back they said take it for free because I loved it so much and it was meant to be. Score! With help he got it hoisted on top of the van.

Now, we had NOTHING in the van - just an old sleeping bag. So even getting to this point was a miracle. I put a pic on Instagram and someone said we had to cover it where the straps are. And we had nothing to do that with! So we used quarter pounder containers from McDonalds. LOLOL

Then we started the LONG journey home! It was nerve wracking. And loud.
But we made it! And it's gorgeous.

It took moving it around the house for a few days for me to figure out what to do with it.  It occurred to me that it was a LOT of storage and I could use more in the sewing area.
Shuffling, shuffling. Moving all the things.
Done! So much storage. And now a wall for mini quilts, which I had been trying to figure out how to get anyway.
I had to redo this wall too to make room for it.

I also picked up a lovely antique quilt for super cheap. The setting blocks are totally shattered, but the pieced blocks are perfect, so vibrant!
I have developed a serious crush on 1880-1910 quilts and fabric lately after having sworn them off for years.
Poison greens, indigo blues...
double pinks!

Thanks Kansas, I still love you!

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