Friday, July 28, 2017

2017 Peach report

The squirrels started decimating my peach crop early, so I resorted to tree netting.  It worked mostly. They only got a few. BUT it made it so hard to thin the crop.

Then I picked the first tree clean and discovered every single peach had moth larvae in it. In the trash they all went.  I left the second tree to ripen a full week longer and it seems like those might be ok. This pick is what came off that tree, minus the ones that were ripening and falling down and being snatched by thieving squirrels.

I am not sure yet because I have peaches and tomatoes coming out of my ears! We've had cobbler, peach cheesecake, made jam, made peach lemonade (YUM! The most surprising use of the peaches and my favorite actually), and I attempted fruit leather. The fruit leather was a very sad waste of my peaches actually, a total disaster and with fruit I worked very hard to grow. Lesson learned there, only use the homegrown on a more sure bets.

My dad, on the other hand, grew one million beautiful peaches. We picked a bunch of those too. We've been eating peach everything and I REALLY need to do something with the ton still in my fridge. 

Abundance of yum this year!

Next year we spray for pests though. And net again.

P.S. heat and drought completely killed one of our much loved apple trees. Seven years, down a tree and still not one apple. Fruit growing is hard work man.


  1. I've made fresh and canned peach salsa, delicious.

  2. The advice we got from a tree guy about our apples was that aggressive pruning actually helps the trees fruit. Might be worth calling in an arborist with fruit tree experience to give advice? But it can also take a decade for a tree to mature to the point of bearing fruit.


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