Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Shiplap for the kitchen

When we repainted the kitchen last week it was hard to decide where to stop. The kitchen is open to my sewing area and the dining room and there is no real defined stop.

For about a year I had been kicking around ideas on what to put behind our trash can to make the wall there easier to clean. I have repainted that wall 10 times and it is ALWAYS so dirty!

On a whim one night I said let's put some shiplap there. It gives a nice place to stop the paint and will be more scrubable if I coat it with super duper paint.
Dave had home depot chop up a piece of 1/4 inch plywood. They made all the cuts in the store for him, but because of the space he was filling he had it cut long instead of the short length. He would want me to tell you this does result in uneven cuts because its a LONG run. Also, there is some chattering on the edges because it's cheap wood. Ours are cut to 5 3/4 inches wide because that's how the math worked out to cover this bit of wall with one sheet.

Then he cut different lengths. It's put up with finish nails - no adhesives, glues, etc.  It seems like a lot of the internet tutorials advise painting the wall behind it a dark color, but we didn't do that either. I really do not need things to be "perfect" though.

Done! The kitchen feels so much cleaner already.

Cost $20 for wall supplies (one sheet of ply, a box of nails), paint from my hoard, $20 (ridiculous!) for the piece of trim on the edge.

Now, what should I do next with my HGTV fever?


  1. Love it! Hint! Press and Seal on the wall behind the trash can! I've learned the hard way. Can easily be removed if you want to hide it from company and easily replaced when dirty.

  2. Such a great idea! And it looks really nice too.

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