Thursday, July 20, 2017

State Park Field Trip

So, here we are. 8 weeks into summer *vacation* (cough, cough) and I barely have the will to live. I decided I had enough of the fighting and we set off to the powder valley conservation center this morning.  I had taken Jack here once when he was small, but Jack has really never enjoyed this type of thing. 

The little kids this morning told me "it was the best adventure ever!"

We saw deer and turkey and squirrels and fish and did crayon rubbings and touched fur and bones and really it was super good for them. (And small. And not crowded.)

Sam told me this week she is going to be a scientist when she grows up.
These are clever - they are magnetic so the kids can build birdhouses.
This is a kid sized birdhouse.

Really an awesome free place to visit!

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