Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A paint disaster and a room redo

Summer is long and it seems around July I start to get the "HGTV itch".  What can we do around the house? One evening (at like 9 pm) I decided to rearrange Sammi's room. When I started to take down her doll quilts I discovered, to my HORROR, that her paint had reverse faded! It was much lighter behind everything.

We had painted that room (And more than half the house) with Valspar reserve just two years ago this month.  They replaced the paint (but not the work, which is the shittiest part, let's be honest).

Well, it had to be painted, it look down right awful. This week I took off the washi tape (Which was a nightmare until I  used the hairdryer) and we repainted.
White this time, like the rest of the house. (Only Jack's room and the foyer have a color now.)

I was COMPLETELY Obessed with the idea of doing a patchwork wall in there. I wanted to put her bed in between her two bookshelves like a day bed and do the patchwork wall in the middle. Except her shelves are too big. And without spending $250 at Ikea (where there was only one choice anyway) there was just no way to make it work.

I had all but given up when I was cruising craigslist looking for shelving and discovered a $20 vintage velveteen love seat. EEEEEEKKKKKK! Stop the bus. Rework space plan.
Buy $10 pad of paper at Wal-Mart of all places because you are already in there for lunchmeat.
Buy $20 couch even though Dave suggests we have one in the basement that will work (except it's not as cozy).
Poll Instagram on how on earth to get the paper onto the wall. Decide everything takes way too long, requires more shopping, etc and just use Super 77 and spray glue it to the wall. (I tried a repositionable spray glue and it didn't even hold overnight. Google says use 3M poster tape, but I was not going to go looking for that or buy 14 rolls because I REALLY need all the edges held down tight. I tested the super 77 in the closet. It sticks tight. So tight I couldn't get it off and I was afraid of wrecking the wall if I hated this. HOWEVER, that washi tape hair dryer trick? It also loosens the super 77, making it easy to peel off.)

I had a laser level I had planned to use for this, or to at least draw some registration lines. In the end I just started in the upper left corner, made vertical rows and worked my way over. THIS IS NOT PERFECT. If you need perfection this method is totally not for you. Houses are not built completely square so this method allowed me to work with the wall making it look more natural than trying to line everything up with a laser line. It looks good to the eye and that's what matters to me. Sometimes you can see a little white of the paint on the edges, I tried to make those spots be near lighter pieces of paper.

I didn't go to the floor because it's behind the bed. It could use two more pieces at the footboard where you can see it, but I used the entire pad of paper with testing and one trimming fail.

With the paper and the can of 77 my investment was $15.  It took me about an hour to whack it up there. (But maybe my quilting experience made this go faster? I am used to laying out squares like this.)

In the end I big puffy heart it! I hope it holds up to the kids for awhile.  
Then the new couch!  It was so cheap because they thought it really needed new upholstery. I asked on facebook for recs on how to clean it and a former student suggested folex. That stuff was MAGIC.  The couch was grungy and it cleaned up beautifully.

It's an awesome place to hang out (in fact, the kids are still in there now).  So much so I want one in our room now! LOL

I've asked her nani to paint her a picture to hang on the space above the couch. She makes gorgeous art.

Also, let me just say this here again - I LOVE white paint. I have jokingly told Dave that 20-something Sarah thought white was so dreadful. It was what renting forced you to have. 40-something Sarah thinks white is so clean and bright and beautiful and versatile.

(Messy toy shelves. Sammi is a SERIOUS reader, she hoards books like crazy.)

Gorgeous. I am so happy we had a bit of a paint disaster. Even if I cannot move today! 

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  1. That looks amazing! I've never seen a wall like that. What a great idea.


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