Monday, September 25, 2017

Flea Market Sunday

 I was SO tired this morning after Grant's party in the blazing heat yesterday, but apparently even being dead won't keep me from junk.

I mentioned this on insta and it's worth saying again - I have no idea how I keep being so lucky in the quilt department. It used to be very, very hard to find them and I could never afford them. As long as they keep coming, I will keep buying!

I love her little *make do* in this block.

On another note - I had to update my iPad to iOS 11. I lost my access to blogger from my ipad! I was doing so well with uploading and scheduling posts. Now I am back to the most complicated system ever as I try to work around it. (I really only take pics with the ipad these days.)

This is a SERIOUS bummer.

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