Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hapde Burfday Grant!

 We had a hot wheels party for Grant this year. It was HOT. 100 boiling degrees this late in September. I am just gonna admit I am so burnt out  on the party thing. Three kids, something like 22 parties. I am phoning it in these days. (I would say poor grant but the kids had fun anyway.)
 We had a car wash station.
 An awesome race track that Dave built and the kids loved and kept going back to.
 Hot wheels favors.

And spoon racing (which grant rocked like a maniac after spending the whole previous day crying that spoon racing was way too hard and not for him) and an egg hunt (which was meant to be a car hunt but cars don't fit in eggs.)  Never mind, grant loved it.

 There were tons of hot wheel presents.
And chocolate donuts (tires) instead of cake.

My Dearest Grant,

Today you are five!

Five definitely feels like a turning point.  We are eeking ever closer to full time school and this is our last year at home together.  I still love this growing up thing, you get more awesome every year.

Right now you are:
funny as hell
smart as a whip
stubborn as a mule
getting easier to reason with
in LOVE with hot wheels (And cars in general)
pretty obviously a third child (ha!)
best friends with Sammi and Colton
that kid who waves to every random person everywhere we go
learning math
starting to write
starting to read a teensy bit
a great helper
and so many other things but lord only knows how long it would take me to come up with them in the middle of our current living room chaos.

I love you to pieces kiddo and I am really going to miss you next year!


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