Monday, November 20, 2017

A featherweight for me!

One  morning at the flea I walked past a whiteboard that said PORTABLE SINGER $50. It was crossed through and marked SOLD. I died! I have been hunting and hunting for a featherweight for a good four years now. I am not sure that was a featherweight, but there was a chance it was.

I mentioned this to one of my dealer friends when I saw him later that morning. He said "oh, a 221? I used to sell all those to this one guy. He still has a lot of them even though he doesn't sell them anymore. I can get you one."

I died again! Are you kidding?  Welllll that was sometime in August. While the price was a good price, it wasn't $50, so I needed some time to save up the money. Then we had the money saved and it took a whole month to finally get hooked up with it. When he didn't have it again yesterday he sent me directly to the guys house (a 90 year old man) to get it ourselves.

And we did just that!

I am waiting on some motor grease so I can grease that before I drive it. It runs, I did run it before I bought it. Last night I spent an hour cleaning and oiling it.

But eeeeee! At long last she joins the fleet.

What shall I call her?

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