Sunday, November 05, 2017

Flea Market Sunday, the Florida version

We live in Florida for two years in the early 2000s. I fondly remember getting my real collecting start there. Hunting ornaments and quilts and tablecloths. Buying some of my most loved pieces of furniture that we still live with every day.  I was excited to be on the hunt there again.  And hunt I did. Or try to anyway. We hit two flea markets and probably ten thrifts. I came home with just a teensy bit to show for it. Maybe thrifting has changed there, maybe I am just very used to my haunts at home now, maybe it just wasn't enough time...

So, what did I buy?

 It's kind of awesome to find this set in it's original box. (The box lid is down lower.)
 These eggs were priced pretty high in the thrift but at that point I was getting desperate.
 I actually bought the quilt blocks in Metropolis, Illinois. The day we drove through taking the kids to see superman there were about a hundred yard sales! I stopped at so many and only bought the quilt blocks. The yellow is a super sweet child's smock which is on my ladder right now with the rest of my thanksgiving stuff.
 That big elf and his tongue kill me. This was all I bought at a flea market that used to be my FAVORITE. I used to buy gobs and gobs of stuff there, including a huge amount of ornaments.
 The goodwill we hit was AMAZING. It was so, so, so clean. And so organized. And everything was priced. It was really like a store, except way better because junk! Our goodwills here are overpriced, dark, dirty things in comparison. I bought these two feather trees in there. (And loads of other stuff, but useful stuff like jackets and a front door wreath and sand pails. Ha.)
The ornament box.

I am happy to be back to my usual haunts except this is a pretty slow time of year around here too. :)

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