Sunday, November 19, 2017

Flea market Sunday

Man, 11 days huh?  I have been in a funk.  Just sitting here on the couch doing nothing really. It's been really grey this whole month. And cold. And crazy with 10 different doctor appointments (not done yet with those!). 

The Christmas at the flea is REALLY kicking into high gear. I admire a lot, but don't buy a lot.
 I did snatch up this box of ornaments which has a few really special ones in it.
 I waivered and waffled on this FOREVER. It's GORGEOUS but the shape is just so impractical. You can't really hang it up, no one is ever going to finish a huge star...but ultimately I decided I could sell  it of I wanted to, but I could never get it back if I left it. For some reason the close up is way down below. It is indeed fab.
 Postage stamps always call to me too.
 The morning light is no good for photos.
 I have one of these already, but they are just so charming that I bought it. I saw some very special tiny putz houses too, but they were too pricy to justify.
 Those are old German santas with clay faces. I have nothing like them so they were a yes please! There is a tree in that box above that works perfectly for them (they are missing their trees and belts). Now I need one more tree. That little putz house there has a water wheel. I have never seen one like that before. Most of the spokes are broken off though, but it was $1.
 Easter chicks in party hats!
Close up of the star.

I've been listening to Christmas music and watching all the  movies already. I am in LOVE with straight no chaser, Jack loves Pentatonix. What else do you love?

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  1. Sarah,
    The star quilt, with your mad sewing skills, slit it up one point, stitch, and make it a tree skirt. Would it work? Love the quilt!


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