Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Semi handmade halloween this year

Since we went to Florida for 8 days right before Halloween I had to have the Halloween costumes ready to go before we left. It was quite the crunch there for awhile.

 Grant wanted to be a spider with RED EYES. He cared about nothing other than the RED EYES. I made a quick hat and hot glued some big googly eyes on it and stuck him on a costume we have had kicking around since Jack was little.
 Sammi wanted to be a mouse. Her favorite book Is about a mouse, so she is all mice, all the time.  I had a picture of myself around 4 or 5 years old wearing a mouse costume, so I loosely based hers on that.
 The hat is from the Wild Things book. I love that book for dress up clothes for Sam.
 Jack is reusing a medieval day costume from school last year.
We only had 8 !!! trick or treaters come to the door last night. It was so sad.

Onward and upward now towards the holidays!

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  1. She makes for the perfect mouse. Adorable.


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