Sunday, December 17, 2017

Flea Market Sundays

It's been warm and dry here, so my flea market game is still strong. (in fact we are having a horrible drought.)

 I continue to be completely enchanted by truly antique quilts. Not my usual 30/40s flowery things, but late 1890s/early 1900s with their gorgeous double pinks and amazing indigos and maybe what was a bright neon in this one?
 The polka dots she used on the white are just dreamy.

 This vendor had two quilts from the same farm, the bow tie was the other. This one is used a lot harder, but indigos, shirtings and more tiny dots? I AM ALL IN BABY.

 Of course I am buying Christmas crap too. LOL
 I think someone recently (crappily) painted these. I need to shoot miss magpie Laurie a note about how to paint over them.
We discussed these beads a bit on Instagram - made in Japan, sold at target, glass bead garland. So not all great vintage Christmas came from a magical woolworths! You used to be able to get it at Target. Wouldn't that be amazing?

No flea for two weeks now thanks to the placement of Christmas and New years. Here's hoping I can live through it. ;)

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