Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Historic St Charles Christmas

 On Sunday afternoon we took the kids downtown for the Christmas parade and a visit with the reindeer.

 Hello there.

Sammi REALLY wanted to get the trading cards from all 45 (!!!) of the characters, so we spent a few hours chasing down as many as we could. We still ended up 10 short. (One we walked right by, oy). And now she is on about the special edition cards you can only get on Wednesday nights (one of which is the krampus). I am dead tired from hours of running miles around town to get them all though!  It is interesting to hear each of their stories and see all the costumes though. They are all really great actors and singers too!
 This was mother goose teaching her a Christmas rhyme.

 Frontier santa.
 The sugarplum fairy.

 Saint Nicholas.
 Civil war santa.
Virginia, from yes Virginia fame.
And the candy cane carol girls.

The costumes really are fantastic!

It's a super little event and I am committed to making sure we do go every year instead of on a whim like we usually do.

It's almost time for the sleigh bells, I have two more class parties then the kids are out of school for two weeks. Here's hoping some snow comes our way soon!

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