Friday, December 01, 2017

Vintage Holiday magazine, or that one time our house was in a magazine

Sometime before Christmas last year I received an email asking if I had any interest in having the house featured in a magazine. I very nearly ignored the email - I get a lot of solicitations about the blog and usually I skim right over them.

For some reason this one caught my attention. I pondered it a day or so before I mentioned it to anyone. America had just cracked in half over the election  and I was really NOT feeling like discussing Christmas trees if we are being honest. I asked around a little bit and everyone said DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!  I still really felt like meh, I am on the corner in the snow flurries feeding homeless people and this really feels like a fluff exercise.

However, I chewed on it and decided why not?  So I agreed.  The first step was sending preliminary photos. Then making some changes as the editor requested and resending photos. Do not be fooled - that part alone was a LOT of work!  Then we set up the photographer.

Before the photographer was due to arrive I spent a lot of time taking pictures of everything we owned and analyzing the photos.  What looks messy? Out of place? cluttered? extraneous? What needs more fluffing? What else could go there?  Photos were my best friend. Well, that and my internet BFF. She patiently spent that whole time with me on facebook messenger moving every single thing we own, trying every dust ruffle on Amazon on our bed, etc.

The first photographer cancelled the DAY before he was scheduled to be here.

I was fit to be tied! I had spent a good ten days cleaning and fluffing every single thing we owned with all the kids underfoot (because Christmas break of course!). I'd been cleaning on Christmas day even. And we had stuff EVERYWHERE. Way more holiday stuff than I would usually put out was covering every surface in my house. That was super stressful.

It took a few days to find a new photographer.  He couldn't make it until Jan 6 or so I think? It felt like forever with ALL this super fragile stuff out everywhere!

I was in a complete and utter tizzy until he arrived. It didn't help that there was no one but him and I doing the shoot. I had assumed when this started some kind of stylist would be here and I was super worried about pulling this off with just us.

The first hour was sort of weird still. After that we found our groove. Nick was really amazing to work with. As soon as the photos started popping up on the computer I was ready to cry.

Part of it was seeing our house through someone else's eyes. But a HUGE part of it was seeing OUR house on the screen. The house I grew up in. The house I inherited as a GIANT stinky mess. The house we had big drama, blood, sweat and tears remodeling.  The house I was so unsure I could even live in!
There she was - beautiful. Just perfectly beautiful in every way. Everything my grandpa had worked for and we had been working for was all shined up and starring in her own little show.

I did cry when it was over. The whole thing was stressful but so healing. It really felt like I had come full circle with my house that built me.

And here we are! The magazine came out last month. It was so much more than I expected. A huge beautiful spread, my things splashed in glorious color on those pages, made even better by Nick and his wonderful eye.

 These are just a few of the pages.
And so many more of my favorites didn't make the cut.

I am happy to be on the other side now - with just the memory of it all bottled up.

**If I have one little complaint it's the quotes in the article. As an FYI those are not actual quotes from me. He sort of paraphrased that stuff and some of it is a bit, well, not even close to anything I would actually ever say. Of course I know why they made that flag! The quote was more along the lines of I don't know why I bought it, I didn't know what I would do with it, but I loved it anyway. If you buy the things you love they always seem to work. ;)


  1. I loved seeing your house featured. I have been your "friend" for such a long time and it was fun to be invited in and see it in all the holiday glory. It really rocked Sarah. You have a great eye and your collections are really well displayed. I high five you from afar!

  2. Sarah, I felt so happy and proud for you as I read the article and looked at the pictures of your beautiful, beautiful things! It really is gorgeous and it was fun to see different angles of your house than the ones you usually show on the blog. Knowing that you weren't provided a stylist makes me even more impressed at how amazing it all looks--you have such a great eye! (PS FWIW I didn't think the quotes sounded like you at all, since I've 'known' you for so long!)


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